Most people use 2 pair shielded twisted pair wire. Use #24 AWG for up to 50 feet runs and #22 AWG for up to 100 foot runs. Use one pair for power and the other for audio (See diagram in instructions). You can download the manual from the RANGEMASTER main page. Be sure to connect the cable shield to ground at one end only, either at the transmitter or the ground, not both. If you connect the shield at both ends current can flow in the shield inducing noise into your audio. Use the Red/Black pair for power (if there is a Red/Black pair) Red is + and Black -. Use the other pair for audio, polarity isn't important for balanced audio unless you are wiring more then one transmitter.

You can also use Cat 5 shielded wire , just connect 3 of the 4 pairs together for longer cable runs.

Run your cable into the area where you have your audio equipment. The transmitter audio is 600 ohm balanced. If you are using a mixer or other equipment that has an XLR balanced output you can connect the wire pair directly to that. If you are connecting to a phono plug or 3.5 MM jack (component stereo or computer sound card) you need the audio adapter to convert the 600 balanced coming from the transmitter to the single ended high impedance at your audio output. The audio adapter comes free with every transmitter (AM1000PR) It has a terminal block with power and balanced audio connections for the transmitter, a DC power in jack for the power supply, and (1) 1/8" (mini) phone jack. There is a adjustable gain on the AM1000PR unit that will vary the gain by +-6Db. When connecting the audio to the transmitter connect to the AF+ and AF- terminals.

Connect the included wall transformer for power AM1000PR. Both of the terminal blocks on the transmitter circuit board are the same, you can use either one for cabling. There are two terminal blocks for convenience for wiring multiple transmitters. Connect the other end of the Red/Black pair to the transmitter, the Red goes to the + and the Black goes to the -. Then connect your audio pair, you could use white for AF+ and green for AF-.

If you are using Cat5 wire then match the colors at both ends.

You can buy the cable directly from Mouser, the part numbers are 602-2466C-100 for the 100' roll of 2 pair cable and 602-5473C-100 for 100' of 3 pair cable, Alpha brand. The part number for the Belden wire at mouser is 566-8723-100. Cat5 wire can be purchased at most wire distributors.