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You can use a MP3 player for the audio source for your AM radio station! We recommend the Sansa Fuze, as it is inexpensive (about $50) and is capable of playing continuously while being charged. We will supply a special power supply that will keep your Fuze charged, allowing for continuous Broadcast. Just load you MP3 file, set it for loop play and plug it in! Call for price and information.

The Sansa Clip pictured to the right has many features, FM radio, the ability to make a voice recording on the spot, Audio Processing function, We can supply the Sansa clip for $50 including a special isolated power supply and connecting cable. Sansa clip Manual

We also offer the DP-600 MP3/WMA Player with USB
*  16-bit MP3 and WMA compatible
*  Single file storage
*  128MB internal flash memory
*  USB port for file transfer
*  Internal monitoring speaker
*  Low cost, compact size