Just look into the quality of our Radio "tank" design for an example of the broadcast equipment level quality that is found throughout the unit

Toys, "real estate" type transmitters and such typically use components such as these:

each part costing well less then a dollar.

But RangeMaster uses the BEST parts possible to get the most possible signal coverage area for you! Notice that even though these transmitters of lesser quality use cheaper parts, they are about the same price as RangeMaster, however you see them come up for sale on e-bay used for very cheap. that should give you a idea of their quality.

Here is how RangeMaster builds it's "RF  tank"

These "air trimmers" have a "Q" of thousands, and cost us over $7 each.

Our coil costs us $30 because it is tapped. The taps allows the transmitter to remain efficient at all frequencies. Cheap transmitters save bucks by not bothering to tap the tank coil, they just add capacitance, lowering the efficiency. We socket our chips so they are easy to replace if need be.

Being stable on frequency is also a big deal! See rock solid
Other transmitters "go cheap" by using PLL circuits that will drift hundreds of hz in very hot/cold weather, causing you all sorts of problems.

We recommend shielded cable for connecting power/audio, some other outdoor transmitters use cheaper unshielded cable. That is fine for saving the manufacturer a few dollars, but when you have a nearby lighting strike the long wire will have a significant pulse induced into it. Even with lighting protection built into both ends of the wire, not a desirable situation.

A new feature of the RangeMaster is the "springboard" suspension board mount system. With this system it is possible for the transmitter to actually fall 30+ feet and survive with minimal damage.

Generally we designed the product, to be a device we would want to use. Parts are way over rated.  The unit is ready for a long life in the hot desert sun, or in the artic. Don't wind up with junk or something that won't do the job you need, trying to save a few dollars. Ours is well worth the small extra cost.