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Here is a typical question we get: Basically, my question right now is about range. I have done a lot of research on Part15 radio and I am currently running an (Uncertified Kit).  But it is not reaching very far.  So I am looking into the Rangemaster.  I realize that the range of a transmitter is subject to many conditions, some of them out of our control (such assoil conditions).  But could you give me an average estimate on how far the Rangemaster can be expected to reach? I am working with a local pastor who has four churches and he wants a radio transmitter at each of his churches.  But we need at least a range of 1 mile radius to cover the towns these churches are in. I live near (town).  I checked the ground conditions on the FCC map and most of (Area) is in the 8 range as far as soil conductivity.  We are in a small town and there are not very many metal structures nearby. I have heard wonderful reports of 3 mile and 6 mile ranges for some Part15 transmitters, but I am beginning to realize that these are not the averages.  These guys are just really lucky or else exaggerating. I just need good clear sound out to a mile. If I can at least get that far I'll be satisfied (or, I should say, the church will be satisfied since it will be their transmitter I am setting up).



The key to getting great range is to start out with a great technical person. If you have a non-technical person or an electrical tech then you will do no better then the average 1-2 miles range. Be careful about transmitters that advertise "no technical knowledge needed." Getting good range on Part 15 AM is a science. You need a technician who knows radio (radio guru type) who knows and can correctly implement the legal tricks for getting good range. People who you may hear of that are getting great range didn't just throw it up and by accident got great range, they worked hard for it.

Be cautious with other so called "high performance" transmitters, they typically haven't put the quality into there product RangeMaster has. For example most transmitters will become much less efficient on lower frequencies because it makes the parts cheaper.

Great range on AM is mostly the ground, andaudio processing See our Hints page

On another subject, be cautious using uncertified illegal kits, especially in Florida and New Jersey. In Florida there is a State law concerning illegal transmitters that carries a maximum 5 year prison sentence.